Cars that women drivers fall in love with

Cars were a way to show how rich you are, but today they are a need. In the past the idea of woman being drivers was a funny for most men and even women. But today female drivers are more carful then male and you can see them driving their pretty cars everywhere. When men choose a car, they often look after these things: the engine, the number of doors, number of horsepower, accessories and other stuff. Women do it much more simple, they often just care about how it looks. Small cars like the Mini Cooper and the VW Beetle are smart and very nice for every woman. You can park them everywhere, they spend little fuel, and you can still be noticed while driving them. You can find them in any color you want, and their price isn't too big. Popular brands like Audi, Mercedes, Ford and others also offer small version of popular marks of cars, but sometimes they look a little bit funny. If you have money you can get anything you want today, cars in shapes of heels, pink ones, with glitter, gold or even crystals.

When you get a car you need to think about how much and for what you will use it. Women always need space for bags and coffee in their cars. Most women have an additional pair of shoes in their cars, because high heels are not safe for driving. When you have children you need to think about additional space for them and about safety of course. When you go shopping you also need a lot of space for the bags, so a big trunk is always a plus. And of course, if you love to feel the air in your hair while you are driving, think about buying a cabriolet. It must be quite hard to get all of this, but something like the Peugeot 207 CC will make you happy for sure.