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Signs your car is in trouble

Are you a car lover? Or do you just drive it when you need it? In both situations you can get some pretty big problems with your car, and expensive ones, if you do not know how to read the signs your car is giving you. We don't talk only about the lights that say something is wrong with your car, but also about the way it works, smells and even how it starts. You have to feel the car in the first place, and know how it behaves when everything is absolutely good and ok. If the engine light is on it can mean the gas cap is just loose, but it can also mean something much more important is wrong or even dangerous.

Many car accidents happen just because something is wrong with your car. Then it can't work properly and it can cause you to lose control of it. The signals you give are pretty important, so you always need to have a well working car battery. It can stop working in the middle of the ride and if it is foggy or dark it can cause you much more trouble then you expected. So you need to know how to realize when it needs to be changed or charged. If you have trouble starting your engine or it sometimes won't start at all, and later it will, then it is probably your battery that makes all these problems. If it cranks before starting or there are no cranks and no lights then you have to change it or recharge it. In the case that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't you need to check the battery terminals. They can get loose or corrode with time and that can be a much bigger problem than having an empty battery. There are much more problems your battery can cause, but these are the most common ones. The best way to know if something is wrong is to see if everything works always fine.

One more big problem your car and you may have is when your car is drifting or pulling during turns. That is mostly caused when the shocks do not keep the car body stable, so that the centrifugal force can even cause a rollover in some point, which can be deadly. If you have this problem than you need a technician.

It is always important to always check your tires before you go on a ride. They can get loose because of the vibrations and that can cause you many problems you actually can prevent pretty easily. The suspensions can also be a quite big problem. But they can be checked quite easily. Just press your car a few times on its front. If it continues to bounce more than two times then you probably need to change or fix them. Do the same thing on the back of your vehicle.

Always look at your warning lights, they are the best way to know if there is something wrong with your car, never ignore them! Use the internet to determine what it can be or just go to a professional that can solve it for sure and you can use the free time on Camplace. It is also important to do a maintenance service every once in a while so you know that all the things you can't determine by yourself are good.